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Chef Lanka


Cheflanka is a unique Sri Lankan kitchen-eatery whose prime vision is to create and celebrate an atmosphere that people recognize, respect, and take unbound pleasure in… influenced entirely by and featuring exquisitely myriad and exclusively rare, authentic traditions and cultures of “Sri Lankan” food preparing recipes and diversity.

Whether away from your paradise home of Tabrobane, the Pearl of the Indian ocean; craving for a sense-alluringly aromatic, scrumptious and nostalgic reminder of lunching eye tearing-soft and spicy, marshy, tough or slurpy dishes on the salt-washed sands of home; or a foreigner, oblivious to the delights of Sri Lankan food but dreaming of taking a plunge into the plentiful delicious experiences offered by the fine, superiorly appetizing and renowned Sri Lankan cuisine, known for the tantalizing mark it leaves on the taste buds, a symbol of Sri lankan pride, Cheflanka promises you a worthwhile experience guaranteed to overwhelm everyone and anyone with pure mouth-watering pleasure.

Situated in the neighborhood of Glenroy Victoria, Cheflanka welcomes you into a haven stacked with a luxurious and flavorsome indulgence, found only in Sri Lanka.

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