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Kadapattha is one of many Sri Lankan Community magazines based in Australia, Kadapatha is slowly out-circulating those others magazine simply because of its own unique vision.

Also Kadapatha is more than just a magazine. Kadapatha is heading towards becoming a multi-media hub. With a social network presence including twitter, facebook and youtube, Kadapatha has a worldwide reach. This is the main reason why many people chose Kadapatha for their advertisement requirements.

Our advertisement rates are affordable and there are many options to choose from.

If you wish to get the advertisement rate sheet or advertise in Kadapatha please send your request by filling out the following fields.


  1. The Publisher (Kadapatha / Saamart Pty Ltd) reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement(s) at its sole discretion.
  2. All artwork submitted to the Publisher becomes the sole property of the Publisher and cannot be returned.
  3. All advertisements are accepted and produced by the Publisher on the representation that the advertiser and/or advertising agency is properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. It is understood that the advertiser and/or agency will indemnify any loss, expense or any other liability arising out of publication of such advertisement.
  4. No conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on the contract order or copy instructions, which conflict with the Publisher’s policies, will be binding on the Publisher, unless specifically agreed to in writing by the Publisher.
  5. Ad positioning agreements, even when acknowledged in writing by the Publisher, are subject to preemption by units of greater space, special placements or insertions or any other reason at the sole discretion of the Publisher.
  6. The Publisher cannot be held responsible for the quality of reproductions when specific cations are not adhered to or when materials are not received by specific ed dates. “print ready” art/ads from advertisers must be of the exact specific cations required by the Publisher. Art/ad specifications pertain to any/all of the following: art/ad size, resolution of output or items submitted for output, line screen, etc. If these specification guidelines are not adhered to in the strictest sense, the Publisher reserves the right to not accept the art/ad as print ready and make adjustments to the advertisers price of the ad according to the current Publisher’s price guidelines.
  7. Any advertising agreement subject to cancellation must be accepted and acknowledged in writing by the Publisher in advance of the publication closing date. Cancellations are subject to a loss of monies already paid toward said advertising.
  8. It is the sole responsibility of the Advertiser to proof their ad for correctness. It is the Advertiser’s responsibility to turn in artwork to the Publisher during normal business hours on the publication closing date for the issue in which the advertisement is to be published. If no artwork is provided by the specific ed date, the Advertiser shall lose all monies paid to the Publisher and forfeit any space reserved.
  9. No agents of the Publisher has the authority to change any of the term, conditions, and/or general policies of Kadapatha Magazine.
  10. As evidenced by the signatures of the sales representative and the Advertiser, the parties intend that a binding contract be created, and that it is understood by the Advertiser that the dollar amount contracted for in each issue contracted for is due regardless of Advertiser’s business closure, business location change, event cancellation, or any other adverse event that might otherwise prohibit the Advertiser from the intended benefits of advertising in Kadapatha Magazine.
  11. The Publisher reserves the right to alter and/or change any Advertiser’s layout, artwork and/or advertisement that does not conform to the Publisher’s specifications without notice to the Advertiser. The Advertiser understands that there will be additional charges assessed to the Advertiser to alter and/or change Advertiser’s artwork and/or advertisement to conform to the Publisher’s specifications.
  12. Photographs, mechanical and other production department operations requested by the Advertiser from the Publisher will be assessed an extra charge. The amount will be based on the cost of the work required to get that item into the form and specification which conform to the Publisher’s specification.
  13. Although the Publisher will make every effort to print and distribute Kadapatha Magazine by the issue date, the Publisher shall not be held liable, and the Advertiser agrees to waive it’s rights to hold the Publisher liable for failure to distribute any issue of Kadapatha magazine by the issue date.
  14. Advertiser agrees that under no circumstance whatsoever, will Kadapatha Magazine or Saamart Pty Ltd be accountable to the Advertiser for any claim, loss of advertising, loss of business, failure to print and/or publish that would exceed the Advertiser’s PAID amount.
  15. The Advertiser warrants that he is the duly authorized and appointed agent for, or representative of, the product or service or place of business or business to be advertised under this Agreement and agrees to hold the Publisher harmless from any and all claims in any manner
    resulting from said advertising.
  16. The Advertiser warrants that the use, in or in connection with any item, person, or persons used in or in connection with any item of advertising specified in this Agreement, including the use of any picture, picture reproduction, any endorsement, trade mark or trade name is duly authorized and the Advertiser agrees to hold the Publisher harmless from any and all claims in any manner resulting from use of such inadvertising.
  17. The Advertiser is fully aware and understands the nature and content of Kadapatha Magazine including, but not limited to, editorials,articles, advertising, pictures, drawings, illustrations, commentary and other such materials, and as such, the Advertiser agrees to hold the
    Publisher harmless from any and all claims in any matter resulting from said contents of Kadapatha Magazine.
  18. Publisher reserves the right to decline any advertisement, before or after published closing date, including any prepaid, paid and/or unpaid advertisement. All copy, text, photos, and illustrations in advertisements are published with the understanding that the Advertiser is fully authorized, has secured proper consent for use of such material, and that the Publisher may lawfully publish Advertiser’s material. The Advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold the Publisher, its employees, officers, agents, and business affiliations harmless from any and allliability, loss and expense of any nature whatsoever incurred as a result of publishing said advertisement. That indemnity includes, but is not limited to, lawsuits for libel, invasion of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, unauthorized use of a person’s name or photograph, or any other claim or suit.
  19. By executing this Agreement, the Advertiser admits having read all of the foregoing and neither the Publisher nor the Advertiser shall be bound by any agreement or understanding not expressed herein, and that the Advertiser understands and agrees to all of the Terms and
    Conditions contained in this Agreement.
  20. Kadapatha is a free distribution magazine and has been formulated in good faith. Kadapatha Publishing or Saamart Pty Ltd not take responsibilities for texts, words, logos, pictures in the paid or unpaid advertising materials/ files / artworks, supplied by the advertiser or designed for the advertiser by Kadapatha magazine or Saamart Pty Ltd.